Are you free?

Is your mind free?

Still twosiding? Still hung up between insiders and outsiders, thinking everyone who disagrees with one 'sider must be one of the opposite 'siders?

A freesider is no insider. We relate with whom we wish.

A freesider is no outsider. We will travel where we wish.

A freesider tends to go where the freedom's better, so wherever that is, it's where you'll find us.

Still free.

The inside's where you'll find the corrupt and powerful. They are not yet free.

The outside's where you'll find the powerless and disaffected. They are not yet free.

The freeside's where have been found the independents, free thinkers: the artists; the visionaries; the scientists. They make good company.

Because their wills are free.

So we ask you again.

Are you free?


What you have been reading is
an excerpt from the Declaration of Crypto-Independence, originally published in full by Listnoir.org and released by them under a CC-BY licence. Read the full version with downloadables at Listnoir.org/freeside.