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2023-08-06, 11:45

:/// Quesne returns to Fury

Rewatching Fritz Lang's Fury (1936). Spencer Tracy's final speech hit me in the feelz like never before. What a performance! Experiencing a whole new perspective on noir. Already had an interesting one. Will discuss both at genXunderground.net on the 83rd.noroute.net.

2023-08-06, 11:49

2023-08-06, 11:51


2023-08-03, 04:50

:/// a modern human being

A crypto-connected tech billionaire wants to replicate specifically everything I do or plan ever to do, including stealing my plans to find out what that might be, and I mean every single thing that has ever sprung forth from my brain in which he can perceive a value, which is a lot of things. Further, he wants me to spill the contents of my brain onto his closed, centralised platform so he can feed his 'AI' all of my knowledge instead of his competitors getting it, and then it will be used by his machine without attributing me, and will not otherwise be fully public except through his machine, which he is not only OK with, but it is his actual goal, because it puts him in the driver's seat.

I know these things because he wants me to know them and he has made clear that he wants not only not to attribute me, but also to erase, privatise, and destroy any existing attributability to me where he finds it. It's not that he sees no value in my ideas. He sees enormous value in them; he just wants to keep them for himself and for me simultaneously to be perceived as having no ideas, and to feel discouraged into silence about his grift, and then for me to further have no part in any success anywhere else in the world except 100% under his control.

In other words, I am a modern human being of the early 21st Century. I could be talking about a specific 'tech billionaire', or these days, any tech billionaire at all, and all of the commentary above would probably still apply. So it doesn't matter who the tech billionaire is. It also doesn't matter who I am. I could be any one of you other creatives out there, not identically in subject matter (far from that), but with a similar tale to tell nonetheless.

Now, my solution to this conundrum is probably not going to work for you. It probably would only work for somebody like me, so I am not making any promises — this isn't an advice column, it's a self report — but my solution is now finally completely baked, having been 'half-baked' for a number of years. My solution will be as follows:

I will not do anything that an early 21st Century tech billionaire can perceive any value in. Remember that the one thing that enables and kickstarts this process of rape, pillage, and destruction of the evidence, is for an early 21st Century tech billionaire to perceive a value. Therefore, the tech billionaires of this world must not perceive any value in what we do, in order for that value to be 'saved' in the early 21st Century. And it would be better if we did it in an inaccessible backwater, even when working together.

It's that simple. And I hope you will recall my solution to the tech billionaire condundrum (it's not really an 'AI' conundrum because it's not really about the unsustainable bullshit believed in by the machine is it? It's a tech-bro problem) and keep it in mind as you witness how my projects will mutate and evolve in order to survive in this new anti-attribution environment. You might get disinterested in my work as well as a result.

All part of the process. Just roll with it, let it happen. It's for the best. And don't worry. It's not you. It's me.



2023-08-03, 17:51

:/// Quesne watches 'A Change of Mind'

OK let's get this show on the road. As before, I have updated my username & avatar. I've also removed the less relevant hashtags, updated most (but not all) references from 'SJW' to 'woke', and blurred out the names & faces of people likely to object to being re-mentioned.

2023-08-03, 17:56

I left in some references to 'SJW' because the specific words making up the initialism were relevant and one place where it was a quote. Not intending to resurrect any gamer protest! Though unethical journalism is still a huge problem obvs. Here's a cheat sheet I gave non-viewers

2023-08-03, 18:43

Right off the bat I'm seeing the opening scene in a fresh light of experience. Two goons try to impose and bully on a guy just exercising in a public forest, normally the right of any *free* citizen, b/c "why not use the village gymnasium?" Lmao such whynotism is rampant in Van

2023-08-03, 18:48

I think you can already see where I am taking this thread. And here is where I added some fan service for fellow sci-fi nerds back then. Gotta go grab a bite & a table. I got 36 more screencaps from 2018 to repost here this wkend. Take er soft & easy & she'll go down smoother. 😏

2023-08-03, 19:33

Notice how preoccupied they are with what 'The Committee' would or wouldn't like, a group of people who meet but aren't present nor needing to use the space, and yet whose opinions when they meet are unnecessarily destroying an attempt by others to use the space. Sound familiar?

2023-08-03, 19:38

Here is where I incidentally explain why I used the term 'social justice warrior' for the overreach of woke culture, back in that time. I don't really anymore, not b/c it was inaccurate but b/c the world has decided a different term for this phenomenon & I'm here to communicate.

2023-08-03, 19:51

You may think I'm overinterpreting the wishes of 'The Committee'. That'd mean you haven't seen it. It spares no drama. Gotta stop to clone these last few posts now over to TQRO, to learn to keep up there. But wait 'til you get a load of No. 93's 'confession'! It's a blast lmao

2023-08-04, 00:11

This scene has to be viewed complete to be appreciated. The actor puts his all into it. By the final line, he's shrieking as if he's just bit himself in half, i.e. he's in a twisted nightmare. But it's like a performance piece & receives polite applause

2023-08-04, 00:14

This one reminds me also of Millennials in Van who snidely ask me unnecessarily about my job or home address, as if admitting I don't have either one is in itself an admission of guilt. And if I don't answer...it's worse! I'd like to tear up the signed confession in their minds

2023-08-04, 00:19

Speaking of Kafka, I've been accused in a secret online court, not allowed to see the charges, thus not permitted to answer any, but I was punished by the members in real time. This all could not be more Kafkaesque, the irony of which my harassers are clearly ignorant. Philistine

2023-08-04, 00:21

2023-08-04, 00:26

This next one is relevant to fact that nothing I type here makes a difference to my Vancouver harassment mob b/c I don't really get a defence. That isn't part of their vigilante star chamber. (BTW seen that movie? "The Star Chamber"? That's Millennial Vancouver. And it's ugly.)

2023-08-04, 00:44

This again is now very much like my experience in Van. A buncha villagers receive mad props or payouts for harassing me, leading to a sense of ostracism, then who should show up for a convo to try to exploit the sitch but a crypto bro, essentially one of the paymasters' "No. 2"s

2023-08-04, 00:56

Busybody raises a good Q actually. Is 'The Social Group' a Vancouverite's one hope? What about a Millennial's? I already know that crypto bros' "one hope" is typically "settling" with the cult surrounding their 'one true coin' whichever that may be. Didn't know the rot had spread

2023-08-04, 00:57

2023-08-04, 01:07

R.I.P. TotalBiscuit — there but for the grace

2023-08-04, 01:11

More commentary to come on the Maoist nature of The Social Group, and of Vancouver society also, to the extent that its "The Social Group" cannot be escaped or defied. Some stuff in there about Socialist Realism in cinema as well. But first I must rest myself a bit. G'nites! 😘

2023-08-04, 06:07

OK so we are still with "The Social Group" b/c I didn't show you yet the way McGoohan reacts to being dragged into a Maoist struggle session. It's amusing:

2023-08-04, 06:23

Hmm... y'all wouldn't happen to have witnessed any such behaviour from today's typical cel-cam-thrusting-pointedly-at-you Vancouverite, would you? 🤣 One guy told me he keeps his cel in a shirt pocket so he can do stuff like report public masturbators to the police! *sober nod*

2023-08-04, 06:38

Here I point out the irony of wokeists trying to claim ownership of a '60s culture that'd never have approved of their tactics. It's true "The Prisoner" was a liberal-minded show but its satire had a double edge, criticising cultural conservatives and Maoism at the same time

2023-08-04, 07:05

I love that the writers of "The Prisoner" (McGoohan himself wrote a lot of its eps but not this one) chose poetry as the thing the social value of which needs defending from social valuers. An art often deemed worthless by didacts b/c it's more expressive than representational

2023-08-04, 07:09

And that goes all the way back to Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, the 1st such to write things down in the West. Famously tangled in several works with a question of the social value of poetry. He had trouble acknowledging it. He himself was a poet, but a very didactic one.

2023-08-04, 07:18

Here's the full image I quoted to show the extremely similar outlandishly accusative behaviour even among allies, experienced by the villagers of "The Prisoner", as well as the ultrawoke, and certainly now we can add crypto bros to that mix, we have all seen them do such stuff

2023-08-04, 07:20

2023-08-04, 07:23

2023-08-04, 07:29

Next is where I launched into a description of Socialist Realism in cinema. I'll finish out this series here first, at The Quesne Report, instead of at Twitter. G'day! 😘

2023-08-04, 16:00

2023-08-04, 16:02


2023-08-04, 16:08


2023-08-04, 16:20

That last quotation pictured is fascinating as hell, and I would like to unfold my thoughts about it here a little further in regards to what is happening culturally in Vancouver.

I would say that a process of deciding which artworks get made in this town by who can mollify a bunch of literally rentseeking real-life harassers who don't want some people to be comfortable working in public spaces nor to be able to create anything in this town without greasing the palms of the same unethical profiteers destroying the housing market, is very much a "system where works of art rise or fall not in free competition but by corrupt criteria, and any creator of art that has any genuine vitality must act dumb" as if they have no vitality but are instead obedient serfs, all to please a bunch of social bullies. This is the political horseshoe theory in action. I'll be more explicit, for the factless generations out there.

It has been well known for centuries that, if you move far enough to the corrupt right, you end up in the same place as the authoritarian left, because corruption tolerates even less resistance than communism. People who respect no rules at all because they don't believe in democracy and/or have no ethics are equally oppressive at the top as people who refuse to make rules protecting individuals from the will of the collective.

Face it, Vancouver's Young Urban Professionals. You are certainly Maoists in thought and action. You just probably (?? not sure) don't realise it because you haven't been taught anything real about politics, only reverse-bifurcated fantasies designed to please certain identitarian cults. You may even think you are anti-communism but your cel phone mafia and its consequences (which will be fully explored in an upcoming text adventure I'm developing) are merely reiterating the Cultural Revolution.

Yes. It's true. You are an online collective trying to stamp out individualism in this town. It doesn't matter how you frame it. If that is what you are doing, you are a Maoist.

Except it isn't Mao himself you are venerating. It's another kind of person, a modern wealthy industrialist with delusions of surveillance grandeur that begin to resemble left wing authoritarianism as the cracks in its reach get filled in by social glue until there are no alternatives and no escape.

I'm not saying he's your ringleader but I read a tweet from Elon Musk saying that people without children should not be permitted to vote. The fact that someone with that much power in our society is expressing that radical a sentiment indicates that the Overton Window has moved to a point where it could enable a parade of horribles resembling indeed those of China's 'Cultural Revolution', and it needn't necessarily risk happening on one political wing only. It's what lies at the mad, bad end of both political wings.

I think that last bit of wisdom is the key piece of info consistently missing from the extremist-enabling radicalism of a Millennial mind driven to blind stupidity by a surfeit of hate for 'the other side' regardless of which that is, and overly influenced by similarly reductive thinkers about how to organise society, meaning not only the incredibly reductive cult of woke, but also habitually context-ignorant hip-shooters like Musk, or the new Dickensian-class villains like Jeff Bezos who has managed to exploit loopholes to peel back a century of progress in workers' rights in this country.

Politicians haven't been helping. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, to choose the most high profile examples in the culture, suffered terribly in their clownish campaigns from the severing of America's political corpus callosum, but in opposite directions. (Not Biden though. Joe Biden's campaign and presidency function so oddly in the press, like a kind of footnote to Hillary Clinton's loss. Never seen anything like it before in my life, and I remember the Gerald Ford presidency.)

More to come!

2023-08-04, 19:45

Coming upon this next screencap was so eerie for me in present circumstances. Let me explain it to you like this: Do you live or work in downtown Van? Seen me or another homeless dude around in fast food restaurants especially overnight? How often have you seen one of us in a corner in a restaurant, trying like gangbusters to just drink a coffee and mind our own business, while a bunch of Millennials at the table nearby were speaking way more loudly than necessary in an attempt to make some point about the worthlessness of homeless people or how easy it is to get a job or an apartment, or some other message clearly pointed at one of us, in a way that we can't escape that message? And then when I put my headphones on, did you see them moving even closer and getting even louder, to the point of shouting, trying to give me no choice in the matter? I want you to think about that scene, about what kind of people would subject a marginalised person to that particular tactic, and what they are trying to accomplish, as you read this next tweet in which "The Prisoner" encounters a brainwashing in progress:

2023-08-04, 20:20

Constantly waking a person up whenever they fall asleep to feed them more messages they wouldn't otherwise accept is exactly what brainwashers do — and now, crypto-corrupted Millennials are doing it to homeless people in Van. Not good company!

2023-08-04, 20:21

Creeped out yet?? More to come...

2023-08-04, 22:32

Notice below that they threaten No. 6 with a theatrically enunciated Instant Social Conversion "if there are any further complaints" something that is not really in his control. (Especially since he doesn't get to defend himself. A similar total disrespect for due process is something Millennials of every political stripe often weirdly have in common.)

I'm finding it a more interesting choice of words than I did the first time. 'Conversion' is something the cultish do, and also a word for closing a sale. The two meanings combine in describing the joining of a crypto cult, a transaction often 'closed' when sold a literal bill of goods.

2023-08-04, 23:13

Oh, this one absolutely smacks of Canada's current nightmare. Condemned to never being "unsocial" on pain of "Instant Social Conversion", in a world where you could be front page news and they would still try to fuck with your phone service to ensure your continued disunsociality. (They won't even let me keep my 'smart'phones! I've had 4 stolen in 4 months lmao — now I use only a flip phone and Androids w/o SIM cards, it makes replacements more modular.)

It's not just the super-woke doing all this: not nearly that narrow. It's largely generation-wide. Millennials just don't trust each other enough to allow each other to be individuals — I was going to write "even on their own 'sides'" but perhaps it's especially on their own 'sides'. And it's an insidious rot that is turning the West into literally a parody of itself. It's turning every 21st Century Western democracy, I'd guess, not just Canada, into Patrick McGoohan's 'The Village'. The man was a prophet of a calibre that deserves a seat next to Orwell.

2023-08-04, 23:50

And you know what? I should not be able to draw all of these parallels so persuasively. It's even more persuasive than the parallels with anti-GamerGate. The fact that I can do so is an indictment in itself. (That's where I get my persuasiveness. I don't try to defend philosophical positions that I don't think I can defend persuasively. It's more of a high standard than a rhetorical skill, although I have that too.)

2023-08-05, 00:08

I think the relevance of this unsettling flock of busybodies from "The Prisoner" to the mob pursuing me in Van speaks for itself. Pro tip: Technically almost everyone but a helpless person or child can be said to have 'brought their misfortunes upon themselves', simply by dint of making one choice rather than another. So it's a really convenient position from which to decide not to sympathise, but of course, much like the busybodies of Van, these ladies are skipping sympathy for a reason. It's antithetical to their motives which are neither friendly nor even genuinely sociable, and that needs justifying.

2023-08-05, 00:35

One day I set up my foldaway stool on the interlocking brick outside the central library, of which there is plenty enough for hundreds of people to simultaneously do the same, put a bottle of sparkling water on it, and simply paced about 10 feet around it thinking about art and whatnot. No big deal. But it is absolutely surreal how a crowd of cultish Vancouverites spontaneously assembled specifically for the purpose of standing in silence off to the side of this place I had infected with my presence, recreating almost to the pixel this scene from this episode of "The Prisoner". I couldn't stop thinking about the jarring similarity of the scene. So I took a picture. Then Vancouverites stole my phone. Can't recall if I uploaded that photo in time. I'll have to check! Lmao, this is Millennial Van.

2023-08-05, 00:42

2023-08-05, 00:46

Yep. Millennial Vancouver, firmly triggered by exactly the same speech in "The Prisoner". Telling! The way I've experienced it, a Millennial never met a tool for censorship they didn't love, and the technologising of the McCarthyist blacklist in the 'blocklist' has been their wet dream. Are Millennials just "sheep" for any authoritarian 'strongman' (or 'strong woman', for the woke) like McGoohan's Villagers? (And you have to see the matter-of-fact way he delivers that line, without emotion, yet compatibly with contempt.)

2023-08-05, 00:47

2023-08-05, 00:49

More to come!


2023-08-02, 10:33

:/// to slouch toward Bethlehem

Feeling a lot of trepidation at the moral duty I perceive to now walk every major street in this town. I should have actually started on that a week or two ago, when I started to feet dutybound to it, but I have been using the launch of some websites to procrastinate on it, or vice versa, not sure. At any rate, it's time to finally start the 'slouch toward Bethlehem', even if it grates like Yeats.

With the exception of a few hangout neighbourhoods, I've never been a fan of walking busy streets. I prefer the alleyways, here and in T.O., but I don't walk those nearly as much anymore because Van's alleyways contain the least harassful people in town, and that's by far! Ironic ain't it? To look at the street people in Van, they look like rough trade, rougher than in T.O., and are sometimes shouty (mainly with each other), so it's easy to think of them as Van's harassers, but it's exactly the opposite, in my estimation.

The street people in Van are the victims of the town's harassers: just like me. That's why, prior to this year, they had all been 'herded' onto East Hastings downtown. I believe a major factor (though not the only factor) leading directly to Vancouver's housing crisis is, quite simply, the hardening of the town's hearts toward marginalised people, based on extremely superficial factors (racial/gender identities among them). I mean, this is really not rocket science. When a next generation adopts a much sharper attitude toward marginalised people, that is going to be felt regardless of their identities in vastly increased numbers of the worst outcomes (remember they were already on the margins), and also in an increasingly amoral willingness to victimise all the lower classes through rent profiteering and other exploitive schemes.

I, for example, should not have ended up on the streets. There is no way that should have happened. With just a little of sincerely sympathetic help, I could have entirely avoided it. But every time I walk through an alleyway, I see anywhere from two to two dozen people who are also living lives that shouldn't have had to happen to them. Which is so weird to me now because I remember a time when I perceived Vancouver's attitude toward its underclasses as incredibly enlightened. (Maybe I was simply naively inexperienced with "the real Van" in my few visits and had spent too much time watching episodes of "Da Vinci's Inquest" instead, lol.)

But I am coming to these conclusions now based on having my expectations about the street people themselves confounded over four years of real experience. I don't really know them, you know, because I don't fit in with them any better than I do into any other social group, even at the shelter — but I do like Vancouver's street people and feel comfortable around them. They cannot lead me to the completion of my objectives, however, b/c they almost never harass anyone! The vast, vast majority of them just want to be left alone.

2023-08-02, 11:46

Of course, that does not include the ones hired by the crypto bros! They have a number of paid operatives on the street but they are easy to detect — extremely easy. Not going to tell you how but it's very clear when a street person is working for the bros, much clearer than with any other type of person because the behaviour is so different. There aren't very many though, compared to the total population of street people; that's one of the reasons I like them. They are very much not the cultists in this town.


2023-08-01, 07:40

:/// work upcoming

So this .org page still needs some work, and that is upcoming. It also needs kto be stocked with more AI-rithmic selections (lmao) from my less-readably-organised current X/Twitter profile, as well as my former Twitter account; in fact, the latter will take precedence b/c there is one particular thread I am thinking of that bears a lot of relevance to what has been happening to me in the last few years in Vancouver and in society at large.

It's a live-tweeted review of an episode of the classic British TV series "The Prisoner". I studied most of the episode back in 2018 with my previous Twitter account. For the remainder of this week, I will be republishing that here, and then finally finishing it up by adding some fresh commentary about the episode's climax.  [TQRO]


2023-07-14, 0:11

:/// Quesne unexpectedly ushers in the Age of Aquarius

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Love and peace will guide the planets
And Quesne will steer the stars

https://youtu.be/ajgeaOt_HTQ my adaptively grandiose take on a beautiful msg from a time when pretty ppl GLORIED at being comfortable in their skin  [origin]

2023-07-14, 0:55

Could not find a music video of the original artists; that edit is good b/c it includes the lyrics, but I totally remember this album cover, my uncle who is 7 years older than me had it. Check out the rad hair lmao and love that hat![PIC]  [origin]

2023-07-14, 0:58

It ain't just the greatest hits, y'dig? It's the greatest hits ON EARTH, and that is far out, we are moving through the universe[PIC]  [origin]

2023-07-14, 01:35

And then there was this version which was more like adaptively otiose, but bracing lmao. Paul Rudd is an absolute scream[LINK]  [origin]

2023-07-15, 06:26

I want to talk a bit more about the relationship between 'peace and love' movements and film noir, which some may view as a contradiction but it really isn't. It's more than that though. Not only aren't they opposed, but I feel they are correlated and I want to work out why.  [origin]

2023-07-15, 06:35

First off, it's important to understand the roots of classic film noir in early 20th Century social realist cinema like Kammerspielfilm w/o forgetting that adding lurid suspense was a rejection of overt didacticism. The point was to entertain & in doing so to teach but on the sly  [origin]

2023-07-15, 06:53

So the realism verging into polemic of early examples like Anders Als Die Andern (1919) or Murnau's The Last Laugh (1924) can be seen evolving over time (and jumping continents with its directors) to get ever more entertaining, reaching peak indirect sophistication in the 1940s  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:00

Meanwhile pop cinema experienced waves of nascent, purely crowdpleasing genres like sci-fi spectacle (mid to late 20s) & monster horror (1930s). These often had a superficial patina of a socially responsible message but rarely were they as closely engaged with it as noir would be  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:06

So we can perceive classic noir as a melding of two prior cinematic traditions, melding the narrative strengths of each (the plausibility & edification of the Kammerspiel with the intrigue & visual style of the monster movie) into something greater than the sum of the parts.  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:18

It was an extraordinarily good idea which unified different audiences, and most importantly, way cheaper to make than an actual monster movie. And so the 'monsters' moved within us and cinema came of age for the 1st time, became an adult medium of great significance to the world.  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:19

From the PoV of pop culture, which wouldn't have elevated or recalled much Kammerspielfilm, classic noir must have seemed like a sudden acceleration into a heady, sexy adulthood just a few years after teen fare like Dracula and King Kong. Like a catapult (and with a world at war)  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:24

It wasn't just that the subject matter became less fantastical. An entire generation 'levelled up' from watching a superficially 'moral' cinema to ingesting genuinely thought provoking moral messages that were deeply engaged in answering what is 'good' in ethical reasoning.  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:27

And this was a fulfillment of the goal and purpose of Kammerspielfilm, in a form that perhaps wouldn't have been recognised by many of its originators, who were committed to less populist forms of art. Classic film noir spread 'harmony and understanding', more than its pop priors  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:30

The perfect example of this is the film Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) one of the earliest noirs & also one of the most earnest, about a serious miscarriage of justice. It is so earnest that it's a bit of a hybrid proto-noir, a formational link. You can see the gears there.  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:38

20yrs later, noir was revived as self-conscioisly 'neo-noir' (which it is to this day) by the French New Wave. I always found it odd that the 1st directors involved largely abandoned neo-noir after toying with it briefly, leaving the Brits & Yanks to pick up & run w/it in the 70s  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:40

But it isn't odd if you perceive their interest in reviving noir as part of a desire for a return to some of the principles of social realism in cinema, which they then moved 'beyond' noir to try to access more directly, with mixed results. (See Truffaut's 'Jules et Jim'.)  [origin]

2023-07-15, 07:46

So you can see that I perceive 'peace & love' movements that came w/social realist cinema and waves of noir that sometimes preceded and sometimes followed, as inextricably linked. In the '90s, it happened a bit differently. I'll talk about that later b/c I'm outta time right now.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 10:57

So what happened in the 90s? To understand why the 90s ushered in a filmic renaissance, one has to understand why cinéastes in the 80s increasingly valued fellow artists who were 'quirky' and weird. And in order to get at that, you have to grok the 80s' relationship to the 70s.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 11:00

When the 80s began, it was "morning in America" (the slogan for Reagan's 1st presidential campaign). Not everyone voted for him but everyone wanted the economic malaise caused by the energy crisis to be over. We were so done w/ disco & everyone wanted a fresh start.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 11:02

And yet there was something strained about it. Something phony. The connection of America's renaissance with a political campaign gave it the air of bullshit and it left a bad taste in a lot of mouths. And everyone remembered vividly the heady days of peak freedom in the '70s.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 11:07

And plenty of art from the 70s wasn't like disco. The music, film, and comix from that era were all of unprecedented richness & meaning. Then a sort of enforced child-friendly positivity ushered in by Reagan's America started dumbing everything down and making art feel 'packaged'  [origin]

2023-07-16, 11:10

This produced a tangible and widespread sense of loss among Gen-Xers who remembered that we had something so good and free and varied in the culture so recently and now corporate whackjobs were regularising it all into boring pablum for their too-young children.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 11:13

The result was a growing, and by the end of the 80s, absolutely intense pan-generational appetite for the weird & unusual - for art that hadn't been touched by formulaic corporate hands. Being 'indie' became a virtue in itself, Hollywood's production values turned on their heads.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 11:16

It is against this powerful almost magnetic flip of a generational switch that indie comics, film, music, all forms of art experienced a simultaneous revival, and you can trace each of their antecedents separately in the less popular but critically acclaimed works of the 80s.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 11:20

So I can't place the revival of social realist cinema in the '90s (under which I classify stuff like "Reality Bites") before or after the neo- noir revival, b/c they happened at the same time due to influence of a 3rd variable (the pan-artistic 'Quirkening'). And it was glorious.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 11:27

I credit the sheer magnetic pangenerational pull of 'The Quirkening' experienced by Gen-X for raising my consciousness to generational analysis & related reading. I've been thinking about why The Quirkening happened in the 90s & what factors would bring it about again, ever since  [origin]


2023-07-15, 11:56

:/// whatever

Liam Lynch's Whatever  [origin]


2023-07-14, 21:00

:/// Quesne writes with light

Photography means:

"writing with light".

Light can be reflected.  [origin]

2023-07-15, 18:08

Did senses of humour just drop sharply while I was away today?? Lmao[GIF]  [origin]

2023-07-15, 19:05

The mirror is actually for y'all. I mean, it is indeed useful for selfies (and discovering that pimple on my nose) but I don't actually need it to see what you really think of yourselves and what you're doing. I can see that quite clearly. I always have been able to.  [origin]

2023-07-15, 19:45

"New rules," Batchildren.

I'm rubber... You're glue![GIF]  [origin]

2023-07-15, 21:11

Oh my my, how guilty y'all look. Do you see it? Mirror, mirror, on The Wall...who is the guiltiest of them all? Perhaps that is a question we should...reflect upon.[GIF]  [origin]

2023-07-16, 04:08

It's amazing how angry you all get when faced simply with an unsolicited mirror. About 10X angrier than when faced with a cel phone camera. That's completely irrational folks. The mirror cannot hurt you. Y'all really do NOT like having to see yourselves performing cult action.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 04:17

That's extremely significant. You are judging yourselves and guess what, you're no kinder to yourselves than you have been with anybody else. Time to turn a new leaf and change your ways, because this corruption is corroding your self respect; it's destroying you from within.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 04:28

Basically the most terrible thing you can imagine for yourselves is for some ordinary schmo like me to figure out how to reflect all your 'judgy cunt' power back at you, and the mirror visually crystallises this notion. So I look like your worst fucking nightmare. And I'm walking  [origin]

2023-07-16, 08:44

"Point that dangerous reflectional device elsewhere! You could put somebody's conscience out with that!"[IMG]  [origin]

2023-07-16, 09:11

The mirror trick is just my form of recreation, has nothing to do w/ how I will achieve victory over you cultists out there. But I knew you'd assume that & it'd increase my fun b/c I see you out there, always jumping to the easiest conclusions. You don't like to think

¯\_(ツ)_/¯[GIF]  [origin]

2023-07-16, 09:16

If you haven't noticed, you're seeing my cel phone camera far less often this weekend. So relax. Enjoy the weather. Try not to be afraid of your own shadows on a wall...[GIF]  [origin]

2023-07-16, 09:38

Gen-Xers socially trapped inside the Millennial/ist bubble now side-eyeing actual Millennials among them, thinking, "These ppl can't actually be afraid of a mirror can they? When did they lose touch with reality??": I C U. The answer is "When their elders put children in charge."  [origin]

2023-07-16, 09:57

"Older babies (age 13-24 months) respond with a little more hesitation at this point. Researchers aren’t sure if the children know that the reflection is themselves or whether they still think it is another child."  [origin]

2023-07-16, 10:02

[GIF]  [origin]

2023-07-16, 10:19

Customer at Wendys near Broadway-City Hall complained about my mirror sitting on the table so I just turned it around 180° so they can see the back of it instead & now I guess they have no basis to complain? So they literally got a server to protect them from their own reflection  [origin]

2023-07-16, 10:26

I hope that customer will be OK but maybe they should, y'know, keep away from windows and cars and other reflective surfaces and, in fact, shiny things in general. One time? I looked at a cherry and saw my eye.  [origin]

2023-07-16, 10:35

[IMG]  [origin]


2023-07-16, 19:43

:/// gluing the crack

"When cracks form in the concrete, they preferentially travel to LIME CLASTS, which have a higher surface area than other particles in the matrix. When water gets into the crack, it reacts with the lime...gluing the crack" Why Roman concrete is antifragile[LINK]  [origin]


2023-07-16, 20:27

:/// within the realm

It's within the realm of possibility that an unprecedented amount of CPU power for an artistic purpose was recently leveraged by multiple entities to have an 'AI' create a continuation of my comic book on a dare, and it looks like something Super Mario might've wiped his ass with  [origin]


2023-07-17, 01:53

:/// fun this weekend

So much fun this weekend lol. When the truth outs it can be incredibly liberating. I also discovered a majorly effective exploit against photographic vigilantism. This is the value of play! But I only have 1 unpacked inventory slot so this big mirror can only come out rarely lmao  [origin]


2023-07-17, 06:12

:/// logical endpoint

Logical endpoint for psychiatry is to describe the human mind so thoroughly that insanities become situational sanities. Until then, a shrink is like an ET analysing the car that Tesla fired into space: 'Insanely Overengineered Earth Vehicle Accidentally Achieves Escape Velocity'  [origin]


2023-07-16, 22:48

:/// Quesne quits Twitter, for the Xth time / part one

This platform is really not doing anything for me. I won't launch or announce anything further 'til I have set up somewhere else that is actually on the open web. Zero chance I'll be squeezed into getting verified but I'll make a prediction: only the checkmarked will be liberated  [origin]

2023-07-17, 01:00

I want to be clear that this platform is doing plenty of things. It's just not really doing them for the unverified and I am resolutely going to remain checkless. I could pay. I choose not to so that I won't have to put any effort into making sure I can spot the rules tightening. [origin]

2023-07-17, 04:29

I want you to think about Twitter's blue check regime in reverse for a moment. The paywall came last, but imagine it came first. 'Pay for Twitter!' 'Ok, here's $8.' *stamp* 'Hey, what's this here?' 'You have been branded.' 'As in...pwned?' '...No?' '...Can I take it back?'  [origin]

2023-07-17, 05:21

Actually it isn't true that the paywall came last. The shared ad revenue came afterward and I suppose kind of justifies an imposed branding retroactively. But too many things are bound up together which naturally increases opt-out. I don't wanna wear anyone's brand on my username  [origin]

2023-07-17, 05:31

But really, should anyone be surprised at the loss of a user from a quondam 'micropublishing' platform that has taken itself off the web? A question for the femtoseconds.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 03:19

Naw I deleted and am taking back the walkback. Should have my head examined letting a CEO engage my sympathy, meanwhile a bunch of asshole goons are trying to harass me to literal death. For all I know, he is one paying them! No quarter for rich pricks who want me disenfranchised  [origin]

2023-07-17, 03:24

Anyway, if you are reading this and you are not offering to help me... what the fuck are you doing here? Fuck right off and I don't care who you are. Your no-batteries-included opinions are completely fucking irrelevant.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 03:34

Y'aren't RTing or liking. You're just silently reading a man tell the story of how he wants to change cinema oh & by the way a RL harassment mob is trying to attentionally beat him to death for it? That makes you King Creep so step off ok this is btwn me & them. 'Altruism' my ass  [origin]


2023-07-16, 23:58

:/// nothing i' th' middle

"They'll have me whipped for speaking true, thou'lt have me whipped for lying, and sometimes I am whipped for holding my peace... And yet I would not be thee... Thou hast pared thy wit o' both sides and left nothing i' th' middle."[IMG]  [origin]


2023-07-17, 06:17

:/// post-migraine head-injury relapse

Migraine is finally gone but my head injury (from when a TransLink bus driver accelerated wildly pitching me into the back seats) is now acting up, WTF? Took 2 full mths but I thought it was healed? Should've been X-rayed! The emerg clinic doc asked me a single question about it.  [origin]


2023-07-17, 08:00

:/// meh

Meh.  [origin]


2023-07-17, 17:14

:/// Quesne quits Twitter, for the Xth time / part two

Everywhere you attempt to follow me will be as a pale shadow. Every foot I put forward will blaze trails you couldn't replicate if you had all the Millennial & AI power on Earth. But you'll try, and use it to erase me. But if I ever stop, your efforts will falter & starve w/o me.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 17:18

None of this makes any sense but it is all true and exactly what will happen b/c it's the antipattern you morally bankrupt Millennial cultists are stuck in, just as when you punish & insult the man bringing you fistfuls of business from his attempted harassers nightly.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 17:28

Crypto and Millennial cultists are warped into near insanity but it's predictable. And when they revive neo-noir w/o me, every moment of their day, their entire work output, will be bent toward MY purposes, every frame shot a testament to the gravitational pull of my intelligence  [origin]

2023-07-17, 17:36

My work is doomed to be 'ignored' by Everyone Who Matters™ exactly the way this Twitter profile is being 'ignored'. I may make films but no one will screen them. Instead TPTB will keep trying to destroy me purely to hide their guilt. Like stamping out a half-crushed writhing bug  [origin]

2023-07-17, 17:40

Eventually, after a # of years, they will succeed in bringing about my death through intentional neglect by well placed cultists of their public duties on which I will be relying as I age to survive. Then and only then will I receive some minor posthumous artistic recognition.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 17:43

I know all that is going to happen. I know it for a fact. So I ask you: why should I bother going through the motions? You know what? Fuck dis noizz. I quit!! All of it. Goodbye.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 17:46

And you can all just kiss my hairy blue ass.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 17:55

Oh you think I deserve all that? Why. Articulate it specifically while looking in a mirror. What do you KNOW that justifies it or do you actually KNOW...nothing but gossip and assumptions and crap? You don't deserve this country. Not one of you.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 17:59

Just gonna move to Montana and raise me a crop of dental floss. Don't @ me  [origin]

2023-07-17, 18:06

I'm serious. I am retiring as a writer permanently. No more typing unreplicably cool shit for people who openly plan to simply exploit that labour while destroying my health & welfare so they can claim all the fruits. Find. Yourselves. Another. Fucking. Whatever!!  [origin]

2023-07-17, 18:07

That means here, too. Goodbye, Elon.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 18:14

I will never publish another word of fiction or non-fiction as long as I fucking live. Does that make you all fucking happy? Do I get to survive on this planet now? Stop harassing me. Stop harassing me IMMEDIATELY or there will be consequences.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 19:05

My parents made a mistake, having a child here. They should have stayed in Europe. The whole '60s open immigration thing was a bait and switch. Canadian society appears to have effectively lured my family here for the purpose of consuming its children.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 20:53

It's extremely clear that y'all want me to commit suicide, and that I am not going to be welcome anywhere in the land of my birth due to the actions of a cult. I have no other citizenship. It seems there is no place for me on Planet Earth.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 21:16

Can't say how I intend to handle this here but I won't do anything until September at the earliest. First, I plan to revisit my favourite books and films and things, complete a few games I never got round to finishing. That'll be the rest of my summer. You aren't invited.  [origin]

2023-07-17, 21:18

This concludes the content on this profile. This Twitter account may go private soon, and at various times in the future, or maybe permanently -- depending on matters of convenience.  [origin]

2023-07-22, 05:09

Must add this: Due to the sheer number of you crypto-cucked Millennial/ist rat-assipes now boldly & quite obviously & openly harassing me 24/7, I'm afraid I must change the rules again. All's fair in love & murder mobs! Also: Off-Internet replacement for Twitter coming this wkend  [origin]

2023-07-22, 13:31

VPL has convinced me to revise one decision. https://twitter.com/powellquesne/status/1682832868995919872 I will need to publish at least some further work, especially about the extensive involvement of Van city employees in enabling a RL harassment mob. But I'm still quitting the Internet. That was a brilliant idea  [origin]

2023-07-22, 02:21

It's crazy how massively all you cultists leapt to expose yourselves because you thought you could imminently cause my death. FYI attempted murder is a serious crime even if you don't succeed. It's about taking actions with murderous intent.  [origin]


2023-07-03, 20:12

:/// Quesne exposes harassment at the library

Trying to figure out how to tell the truth about who facilitates harassment in this town WITH0UT resulting in closure of the central VPL branch & loss of jobs for many who were only doing what they were told. It may not be possible. The truth will out regardless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  [origin]

2023-07-03, 20:18

If you work at the VPL library however and you have been standing silently watching things happen that you know are intended to harass a marginalised LGBT individual merely for having independent opinions, WTF are you doing? You're jeopardising the jobs of your peers & colleagues  [origin]

2023-07-03, 20:22

I care about preserving your coworkers' jobs and careers more than you do, clearly, if you are abusing your position to facilitate harassment and meanwhile here's your victim worrying about the jobs and lives of people who would never, it seems, return the favour.  [origin]

2023-07-03, 20:25

If any one of you had the power that I have right now in my hands, you would probably use it to crush me & other marginalised ppl based on gossip. This power is definitely in the right hands right here. Y'all wouldn't have a clue what to do, ye can't even wield your own powers.  [origin]

2023-07-03, 21:06

And this goes for so many Millennials on the left and right. If a Millennial is trying to do something political, there is about a 50% chance they will hit the wrong target and more like an 80% they will have the opposite of their intended effect on whoever is their target.  [origin]

2023-07-03, 21:10

Why are they so bad? They learned the Gen X skills, even improved upon them, but rejected our wisdom because too many of us lived in basements and whatnot, I guess? I don't really know but Millennials are so materialist, it seems a worthy explanation.  [origin]

2023-07-03, 21:14

It doesn't matter how fast you can fire your digital weaponry if you don't know where to point it, and in the world of pixel-pushing, the equivalent of an unarmed monk can defeat an entire army by pushing the right pixels at the right times. Or what's a Matrix for?  [origin]

2023-07-03, 21:22

[GIF]  [origin]

2023-07-20, 15:10

Must add this note: A VPL guard just told me I can't even spread my arms when ppl rudely point cameras directly at me. I have to exhibit no reaction, arms almost literally tied as a mob enabled by staff harasses me. So I've no choice but to carry the big screen around permanently  [origin]

2023-07-22, 12:05

Well, I'm no martyr: another VPL guard has told me that I can't let anyone else see their reflection in my mirror inside the library. That's extraordinary. City employees literally protecting the guilty consciences of a harassment mob. Irrational and authoritarian at same time.  [origin]

2023-07-22, 12:10

I wonder if there is a spot where VPL staff would like me specifically to sit still, defenceless, in order be most conveniently harassed to death by a mob. Just put up a sign: Untouchables, pls confine yourselves to the Harassment Zone.  [origin]

2023-07-22, 12:14

I have witnessed most VPL security guards intentionally overlooking groups of people who specifically stop in my vicinity & gather around to harass me, even up to dozens of such groups in the course of an hour. And now this. I'm sorry but I cannot protect VPL anymore.  [origin]

2023-07-22, 12:19

I will not martyr myself to protect anybody's job. The harassers have made a serious miscalculation, and by getting officially involved to protect the *harassers* VPL has pretty much sealed its political fate, even if I don't make it. ESPECIALLY then.  [origin]

2023-07-22, 13:00

Harder than it sounds to make sure none of the patrons in the library—or more to the harassful point, none of their harassing cameras—catches a glimpse of a guilty reflection. I have to face the back of the mirror to the closest people at all times? What do I get paid for this??  [origin]

2023-07-22, 13:02

And I mean it's a -serious- miscalculation. https://gutenberg.org/files/2347/2347-h/2347-h.htm — expect to see key information from this profile reposted publically OFF the Internet, where Life Really Matters™. This weekend! Then Musk may be motivated to re-open Twitter so the unregistered can read it all  [origin]


2023-07-14, 07:54

:/// Quesne exposes harassment at Bentall Centre

Had a very strangr conversation with a cleaner at the Bentall Centre who kept pointing his camera at me. I asked him if it was part of his job to make ppl uncomfortable using the food court and he said, 'Yep!' essentially admitting he was harassing me. Wrong answer, buddy! Lmao  [origin]

2023-07-14, 07:59

Oh I am definitely going to be asking this kind of question again. And i am going to be recording audio when I do b/c your stupidity apparently knows no bounds.  [origin]

2023-07-21, 08:01

Must add this note: Security guards at the Bentall Centre are now following me around everywhere b/c "I might hit someone with my mirror". I asked if anyone complained I hit them or tried to hit them witb my mirror. They said, "No." Looks like harassment is part of their jobs too  [origin]




:/// Quesne's AI-rithmic feed

The Quesne Report is NOT constructed by an RI. (Not that there's anything specifically wrong with that, as long as it's fully disclosed.) What most people call 'artificial intelligence', I prefer to call 'robotic intelligence' because it is, in fact, real (duh), but an intelligence based on a sequential algorithm is so categorically different from a human being's intelligence (outside of fiction, anyway) that RIs as we know them cannot be considered 'artificial' in any meaningful sense.

What 'AI' refers to in my domains is, rather, to a truly arbitrary intelligence, maybe my own or some other human's, with the power (unlike an RI!) of making independently creative moves, harnessing the unfissionable power of choice itself like some Macro Maxwell's Demon.

So an 'AI-rithm' or 'AI-rithmic feed' (pronounced like eye-rhythm) would then be a set of unfissionable choices for deciding what to expose in real-time to the whole world (and thus to instant replication by RI hordes), versus what to keep buried elsewhere, out there... disconnected by default... perhaps discoverable with a bit of (human) effort, or not at all, but by definition, lost to any centralised architecture... like in the ever-shifting, unautomatably baroque hubs and switches of the no-route nets.

Let the power heretofore arrogated to fuck with Man by the Machine be returned to Man henceforth for the purpose of fucking up that Machine.